1. Before you start worrying about your investments, make sure you protect your family with adequate life insurance, health insurance and emergency fund.

2. Make a list of your financial goals, plan a strategy to achieve them and only then start your investment journey.

3. Do not chase returns. Understand how much returns you require to achieve your financial goals and invest accordingly. If you are young then focus on increasing your income because only money can make money.

4. Understand how inflation impacts your savings and investments and plan accordingly.

5. Don’t google or ask for the best stock or best scheme because a good plan is based on a diversified portfolio.

6. Do not worry about mutual funds holdings each time the market falls. The secret to wealth creation is patience and consistent investing regardless of market conditions.

7. Do not stop your investments just because the market is at an all-time high or because you are expecting a dip.

8. Make sure your tax planning is aligned to your goals. Don’t wait till March to plan it, instead do it throughout the year.

9. Learn to analyze investments beyond returns.

10. Do not get carried away by market predictions, stock tips, gold, real estate, and bonds etc. Create a plan and stick to it.

11. Once your basic plan (Insurance and emergency fund) along with savings and investments are in place, make sure to review your portfolio once in a year.    

Improving your money management is an excellent Resolution for the New Year’s and a great way to develop personal finance habits. We can help you head down the right path and make positive changes to your finances.

Happy Investing and Happy New Year.!

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