“An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination”

Today, most people are concerned whether their investments are doing good compared to the benchmark or their friends & relative etc. But if you ask the same people if their investments are on track to achieve their financial goals, they would either be clueless or might not have an answer.

The truth is most people invest with the thought of making more money without any specific goal or target. We all have certain financial goals in life and we all want more returns on our investments. But the question we must ask ourselves is whether our investing strategy is helping in achieving our goals.

For any Investor, it is essential to have a financial plan ready before they start their investment journey. But it is more important to have a goal-based plan. Every Individual has multiple goals across different stages of life like buying a house, buying a car, children’s education, marriage, retirement etc. In addition, some of us may have other goals with specific needs and aspirations e.g., planning for a foreign vacation, saving a corpus to start a business, accumulating for early and wealthy retirement etc.

Goal based planning is a process of identifying goals, quantifying these goals considering inflation and then making an investment plan to achieve these goals.  This helps in saving as well as investing to ensure your and your family’s financial security.

Financial goals can be classified into three categories:

  • Short-Term Goals – those are to be achieved in less than 5 years
  • Medium-Term Goals – those are to be achieved between 5-10 years
  • Long-Term Goals – those are to be achieved after 10 years.

Before you set your financial goals it is important to:

How does Goal Based Planning help?

  • It gives a purpose to invest.
  • Helps to choose the right investment product.
  • Maintains discipline & helps to track investments dedicated to each goal.
  • Leads to better asset allocation/portfolio diversification.
  • Helps to achieve financial independence.


Hence, it is important to do goal-based investing because it gives direction and purpose to your investments and life. And you are never too late to start investing. Important is to just start.
Someone has rightly said, best time to start investing was 20 years back and next best time is now.

“People With Goals Succeed Because They Know Where They Are Going”

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Happy Investing!

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