“Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time” – Warren Buffett

Unlike other trees, growing a Chinese bamboo requires a lot of time and patience. It takes around 5 years and 3 months that is almost 63 months for it to grow to the height of 80 feet. So, what’s so unique about the tree? Any tree can grow to 80 feet in such a long span.  
The height to which Chinese bamboo tree grows is not unusual, but the way it grows is very unusual. As for almost 5 years you need to keep watering the seed on a daily basis, but you don’t see a hack growing out of the soil. 5 years of watering and patience!! Woo!! That’s a way too long. During all this time, you might just see a small sprout coming out of land which can’t even be measured and then within 90 days you see the tree grows 80 feet long. Fascinating, right?
There are great chances of people quitting the idea of growing bamboo tree due to the long waiting period. Everyone can find the soil and plant the seed and also can start watering it, but when it comes to waiting, sooner or later many of them drop the idea. Only a few in full faith keep watering the soil and that is when they can see the 80 feet high bamboo tree.
Investment is quite similar to planting a Chinese bamboo tree. Both require enough patience.

Just like you have to be patient for a significant amount of time for the seed to grow, you ought to give enough time for your investment to grow. You will only stress yourself and potentially make the wrong move, if you keep looking at your seedling’s progress and fund’s performance at all times. Loosen your expectations a bit and let go of the emotions, instead focus on maintaining it at regular intervals. It will not only allow your plant and investment to grow at a right pace but also give peace to your mind.

A lot of times unexpected weather conditions can ruin healthy plants, the investment world is the same way. You cannot control the sudden market crash or a political decision or a macro event that affect your finances and investments in general. The best thing you can do is be patient during such times

So being an investor you need to learn to be calm and let your investment grow at its pace! Happy investing!
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